Changing an affirmation's background.

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Affirmations Daily automatically assigns random app backgrounds to affirmations. If you'd like to personalize your affirmation by incorporating either Affirmations Daily's extended backgrounds or motion backgrounds, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the home page and select the category where the affirmation you wish to modify is located.


2. Within the category page, click on the affirmation you want to edit.


3. Next, tap the "Background" button, which will bring up the background options.


4. If you prefer to include a background image, tap the "Extended Backgrounds" option. Alternatively, if you wish to utilize Affirmations Daily's collection of motion backgrounds, select the "Motion Backgrounds" button.


5. After selecting any of these options, tap the background of your choice.


6. Once you are satisfied with the changes, confirm them by tapping the save button.