How addiction data is stored

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Your addiction data includes your addictions, display options, journal entries, history entries (resets) and savings.

You'll notice that when you open Sober Time for the first time it does not require you to register an account. Sober Time uses a local data storage system. This means that your addiction data is stored on your device (Phone, tablet) and not on an account.

Sober Time was intentionally designed this way to make it easier to get started. We wanted to break down any barriers that could prevent someone from starting their addiction recovery journey. An extra account set up on an app wouldn't be helpful. It also has the added benefit of being private. Since the addiction data is only stored on your device, only you have access to it.

When you get a new device you might want to transfer your addiction data from your old device to the new one. You can use Cloud Sync for this. Cloud Sync is a feature that allows you to create backups of your data from any of your devices. The backups are securely stored on Sober Time's cloud. To transfer your data, set up Cloud Sync on your old device and create a backup. Then set up Cloud Sync on your new device and restore that backup. You will need to do this before you delete the app's data from your old device.